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Mesa, Arizona was wild! @Nike #howmanysickphotosyouneedbeforeyousetyourboyup!?

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After lab this morning, I developed a hypothesis as to why I’ve been getting hives. This week’s lab is about inhibitors and how they’re put in foods to slow their enzymatic rates— increasing self life. There are two specific inhibitors (sulfite&metabisulfite) found in fruits and veggies that cause allergic reactions. (Why would people use them??? Idfk) All of my blood tests have never given me a straight answer and I usually break out after eating fruits/veggies. It isn’t the actual produce I’m allergic to, it’s the preservatives in the produce. My eyes lit up when my professor was going over this. I might finally have the answer to my condition. I told my ex about it and it fascinated him too. We were both so interested in the idea that we actually wanted to experiment and conduct a statistical analysis. The fact that I love science and can use it to help a personal problem of mine is pretty fucking awesome. This really did make me extremely excited…

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